Cooking is a practical skill and one that is difficult to do justice to in a purely written document. The culinary portfolio is the perfect supplement to a CV –where the CV details the skills, experience and qualifications of a career, the chef portfolio provides some practical demonstration and visual stimulation.

Photographs of the food that you’ve created can have a huge impact and it is this part of the portfolio that will most set you apart from any competition. It’s important to ensure that you take photos that do your food justice. No matter how incredible the dish, it still requires good lighting, a thoughtful setting and a shot that really brings the colours and textures to life. A culinary portfolio isn’t complete without food images so it’s worth taking the time to get this part right, even if that means investing in a professional or bribing a friend with a DSLR camera.

My background in fine art and restaurant cooking has served me well in the food styling world. Every job is different, and the ability to problem-solve on the fly is essential. I’ve been lucky to have strong mentoring throughout my styling career, and to have worked with photographers, designers, other food stylists, prop stylists, and art directors who have strong visions.